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Frequently asked questions

Operating in the Intellectual Property space, confidentiality is the life blood of our business. As stated in our Confidentiality Agreement, any conversations and/or materials shared with our team are strictly confidential and will not be shared without expressed, written consent from you.

We are also happy to send over an executed Non-Disclosure Agreement or review/accept one you have prepared. Our mission is helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams and having clear, open communication about the concept is vital in accomplishing that.

Some invention promotion companies will promise patents and licensing deals while painting a picture of rainbows and unicorns. These organizations also have ZERO vested interest in the success of your project.

While the storyline sounds amazing, the truth is that licensing deals are very, VERY rare. They are attainable only once a concept or the need for a product has been proven in the market. Patents are very restrictive. Changing the smallest of details with your product will nullify any patent. Many people believe that patenting your product is the first step when, in fact, it is not. 

That said, protecting your intellectual property, once adequately validated, is very important. We will assist in securing any patents when the time is appropriate.

Launching a product or technology-based business involves many moving parts. “Will the market be receptive to my idea?” and “What would my target market be willing to pay for my solution?” are just a couple of the questions you may need to answer early on. According to the Federal Reserve, “the average small business loan amount is $633,000.”

Then, there’s the element of TIME. It is imperative to bring a viable SOLUTION to market at a time when the market is primed and the opportunity is great. An effective strategic partnership for your product or business launch will leverage relationships, pertinent experience, and guidance to help you successfully navigate the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship. A strategic partnership opportunity with us would reduce the cost AND time that it would typically require to launch your business by 70-80% by leveraging the aforementioned resources.