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Our goal, as a team of experienced business development consultants, is to allow you to gain access to the guidance and resources from veteran professionals where you will be able to manage and launch a product and sustain your business.

john rashala

John Roshala

Managing Partner
As Managing Partner, John is an operational leader who guides and helps spearhead the company’s portfolio partners. He is noted for his vision, sound practical management style, ability to build dynamic companies, and ensuring a winning culture that achieves critical goals.

Having very broad and deep experience as a business development consultant, John enjoys the dynamics of entrepreneurship, specializing in creating immediate and powerful action plans, sustaining operational excellence, developing the right relationships, and driving sales.
scott moffat

Scott Moffat

Head of Partner Recruitment
As Director of Partner Development, Scott starts working from day one with our partner community to help entrepreneurs get selected by Ideal Strategic Partner’s selection committee.

Scott’s truly hands-on experience helps Entrepreneurs in the initial phases of their concept to ensure they have what it takes to be successful. His unique and very engaging process working side by side with entrepreneurs has positioned him as a very sought after business development partner.

David King

Director of Partner Marketing
Among his many endeavors, as Director of Partner Marketing, David specializes in providing our community of partners with website development and deployment, market research and market entry strategy, search engine optimization, lead generation, digital marketing, mobile marketing, and search engine marketing.

Whether it’s a widget, specialized product, or application, David’s expertise has been instrumental in the successful adoption of products and services worldwide.

Bruce Krozca

Director of Partner Success
As Director of Partner Success, Bruce brings over 20 years of experience in customer facing support roles delivering multi-million dollar customized software / hardware solutions, and product distribution to customers in private industry and the federal government.

He is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with an outstanding track record of success and has managed projects and delivered solutions from start up and inception to in excess of $20M. With his oversight of global projects and deployments, he has traveled extensively in the Continental U.S. and Outside Continental US working with partners side by side to ensure their success.

Amber Polanco

Partner Operations Coordinator
As Partner Operations Coordinator, Amber works with our Partner portfolio in a multitude of capacities, including but not necessarily limited to: initial Partner contact, recruitment, engagement, ongoing Partner operational assistance, and affiliate Partner coordination and management.

In addition, due to Ideal Strategic Partners IdeaPath process, she frequently assists with ISP’s project management teams to ensure a World Class level of service is provided to our Partner portfolio companies.

Ray Chavez

Partner Success Manager
As Partner Success Manager, Raymond works directly with our Partners during their journey with Ideal Strategic Partners. Ray also works on the front end in the initial phases with the business development team so he can be involved with our partners from the start.

With his past experience as a corporate trainer, Ray has a mentor/communicator type approach in his skillset which is paramount in the development of our partner entrepreneurs and their relationship with Ideal Strategic Partners.
Camera Squad Productions-10

Vincent Castellano

Partner Success Manager
Entrepreneurialism is something Vincent is very passionate about helping others pursue. He has started several businesses himself which has given him the unique ability to effectively see the vision of our partners and determine whether or not we are potentially the right fit.

His position is centered on the early idea stages of discussions where his ability to help partners effectively discover and articulate their vision is a real asset.
Cheryl M

Cheryl Moyer

Partner Bookkeeper
Cheryl is ISP’s Partner Bookkeeper responsible for overseeing the recording and maintenance of our portfolio partner’s business’ financial transactions.

Her experience includes but is not necessarily limited to: payroll functions, reconciliation of accounts, maintaining and balancing the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivables, financial report preparation, and ensuring accurate accounting policies, rules, and regulations for compliance with GAAP and applicable standards.

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