Entrepreneurs to Watch: Gregg & Nicole Howell

First-Time Founders on their Way to Success

Meet Nicole and Gregg Howell, founders of an exciting up-and-coming brand on track to launch in 2024.

New to the entrepreneurial space, the Howells had a groundbreaking product idea, but were seeking guidance for getting their operation off the ground. Their relationship with Ideal Strategic Partners has helped them fill in the gaps, as they’ve utilized decades of experience provided by ISP’s seasoned advisors. From coordinating photoshoots, to conducting market research, to helping facilitate product development, ISP has been there every step of the way to ensure their brand is set up for success.

In this video, the Howells provide a first-hand account of how integral ISP has been to the development of their product, brand, and company overall.

“I had an idea that I wanted to bring to market – and I had no clue,” explains Nicole Howell. “I don’t have engineering experience, I don’t have any kind of background – but I did some research, and I found ISP. I think it was the best decision that we made.” 

Stay tuned for more details and exciting updates on The Howells’ product launch, coming soon!