Smith Tailgates Launches Tailgate Defender, Selected for the New Product Showcase at the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas

Smith Tailgates is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new product, the Tailgate Defender.
Smith Tailgates is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new product, the Tailgate Defender. From Nov. 2-5, 2021, at the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas, the Tailgate Defender will be featured in the innovative new product showcase and also exhibit at booth #55255 for truck accessories. This worldwide-renowned event brings together vehicle enthusiasts, truck owners, and industry professionals to see thousands of new product innovations.

The showcased product, the Tailgate Defender, is a patented, 4-bar, triple pinned, self-locking square tailgate gap hinge cover. This groundbreaking design is enhanced for sturdy function, providing a full-width truck bed and open tailgate smooth surface while simultaneously folding to a sleek and decorative look with the tailgate closed.

“The Tailgate Defender uniquely prevents debris from falling into the tailgate gap while opening and closing the tailgate. It is attached to the bed and the tailgate, yet the tailgate can still be removed by design,” says Tim Smith, Founder and President of Smith Tailgates.

The company’s Tailgate Defender is a patented design that protects the truck’s tailgate gap from filling up with debris when loading and unloading materials in the bed of the truck. It is a fully functional, innovative design that highlights a robust hinge mechanism that safeguards the gap between the tailgate and truck bed.
The Tailgate Defender is the only heavy-duty tailgate gap protector on the market, currently designed for Ford trucks and expanding to other manufacturers soon. It is ideal for keeping materials out of the gap between the truck bed and tailgate, whether it be dirt, rocks, or mulch.

“I designed this heavy-duty hinge mechanism to protect the longevity of your truck tailgate gap by preventing materials and debris from entering. It’s rugged enough for pro-level use but affordable for the everyday truck enthusiast, simply designed to work,” says Tim Smith of Smith Tailgates.
Smith Tailgates, LLC is a family-owned company that develops innovative and uniquely functional accessories for truck beds and tailgates.

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